What's the Best GPU?

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What's the Best GPU?


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Budget-wise, right now, I'm loving the GTX1070. Gorgeous graphics, super high performance. Can run 4K at 60fps with a solid CPU.
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Re: What's the Best GPU?


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I'd say that it depends on the games you like to play really... And what you will settle for concerning graphics settings. The GTX 1050 ti is a good card, but the 1060 is better for a bit more money. AMD's current budget cards for example are the RX 570 and 580 which are slight improvements over the older RX 470 and 480 cards... Though while they can be had for a great price, their performance is still under a GTX 1060.

One of those things where it takes a lot of input to see what the average "budget" card is. I myself am wanting to get a RTX 2070, though budget considering that bit might be 1060 / 1660 / 1070 depending on prices.
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